spring fever!

Hello, anybody who cares to hear about the Rogers Rogues!!! I'm finally figuring out how to do this crazy blog thing. Whoo hoo! So please excuse our dust until I get everything settled. We had a nice March! Except that I have had an insane case of spring fever and the weather has been SO uncooperative--teasingly warm one day only to snow that night. Goodness. And for the first time I am uncharacteristically ecstatic about growing a garden! Maybe it's something about being 30. Or maybe the rising food prices! Or could it be because we're vegetarian? At any rate, since we're renting our house I am not allowed to use the yard (which is a crying shame as it's ginormous), but I do plan on growing as much as I can in containers on the patio and along the house and chain-link fence. But maybe it's a good thing I can't use more space--as it is, I'm still a beginner gardener and perhaps shouldn't take on more than I can chew anyway. (get it?) Last time I tried gardening, 3 years ago, the results were tragic--nothing grew except for one hearty zucchini plant (those things would probably grow in a war zone). But this year I am much better equipped! I have read from cover to cover a book called All New Square Foot Gardening, and that's probably why I am all psyched up about it. I have even dreamt of lovely cascading ruby tomatoes and squeaky yellow summer squash for several nights now. The book advocates using homemade boxes or containers and boasts that your gardening will be easier and more efficient. The method purportedly conserves space, water, seeds, and energy, and it doesn't require weeding or rototilling. The secret is in the soil. Anyway, I guess I shouldn't sing it praises just yet until I try it myself. . . but several people have vouched for it. And it's almost time to plant! Isaac is eager, too, and equipped with his own small pair of kid gloves. I will definitely post my progress (not that you care :). We're planning on lots of hiking, camping, biking, and wilderness exploring this year! Denver is beautiful and replete with lakes and walking/biking paths. Not to mention the formidable and stunning Rockies to our west (check your bearings, you Salt-Lakers). The mountains here seem to be more accessible and even more bounteous than on your side. Not to brag. :) Jed is planning on a visit to Phoenix in late April for dissertation stuff, and I'm hauling the boys to Utah at the same time to meet the boys' new little cute cousin, Lisa's daughter. We look forward to seeing loved ones soon!