Recap of 2007

Hi, All! Okay, so maybe some of you are wondering if we fell off the planet. We had the grandest intentions of sending out Christmas cards with an update, but after you read the following you will likely understand why we didn’t. You will see why 2007 turned out to be a busy year indeed for our little clan! For starters, we moved twice. And some of you may have no idea that we’re currently living in Denver, Colorado. But let me back up! Early 2007 found us living in a lovely little townhome in Tempe, Arizona, and Jed was finishing up his last semester of course work at Arizona State University. Our little cutie pie, Lincoln Jed, was born April 30. Thinking we would be living at least two more years in sunny AZ, we decided to buy a home in the same neighborhood, and in May we moved to our new home. In August Jed took his comprehensive exams and started teaching a couple of U.S. history survey courses at ASU. So life was going along swimmingly for us. We were living in a beautiful little home complete with backyard and grapefruit tree, and Jed was all set to begin his dissertation, when Jed received a phone call from his old supervisor in Denver (where he did an internship summer of 2006). He was offered a two-year, full-time job with the Bureau of Reclamation as a historian, and the job was designed for someone like him, an “ABD,” if you will (all but dissertation). The Bureau of Reclamation is a federal government agency that manages water in the West. Though we had just settled into our new home, we decided to go for it! We’re adventurers, what can we say? The bad news was that we had to move in January (from balmy to frosty temps). We also wanted to visit family in Salt Lake for the holidays. So we packed up our house in December, drove to Utah for Christmas, and Jed flew back to drive the moving truck to Denver while I drove the car from Utah with the boys. Thankfully we were able to rent out our place to some great pals in Tempe (see photo below of Heather and Jim), and we found an adorable little home in Denver to rent. So we arrived here in Denver (technically Lakewood) about two weeks ago. My sister Sherrie came along and was a huge help—driving the majority of the 8-hour trip (so I could be free to tend to the boys’ needs) and helping us move in. The house is perfect for us—a little too nice, maybe. We even have a downstairs (don’t laugh—AZ homes are basement-less) and a gigantic back yard. We’re within walking distance to a huge shopping complex, library, and Lakewood Community Center (did I mention Souper Salad is there as well?). Jed can bike easily to work. Straight west about 3 miles is the mountains—beautiful, accessible mountains! As for the boys, they are fabulous, especially now that we’ve been able to settle into a routine in our new place. Isaac turned four over the holidays. He is a sweet, sensitive, helpful little boy. His passions are musical instruments and learning to read. He’s getting quite good at the latter (and not too bad at the former—though mostly he just “pretend” plays. :). He and Lincoln are great little playmates and have a special brotherly bond already, though Lincoln can’t even walk or talk yet. You wouldn’t think it possible unless you saw it for yourself. I can try ‘til I’m blue in the face to make Lincoln laugh, with not even a hint of a giggle from him, yet Isaac will pull a funny face from across the room and Lincoln will bust a gut! Lincoln is 9 months and has me completely whopped, that kid. He’s quite the mama’s boy (though he adores Dad, too) and loves to crawl after me from room to room, pull himself up on my pant leg, and growl to be held and/or nursed. He’s an affectionate (some call him a flirt), hearty, sweet bundle of pure baby joy. Jed says his job is sometimes stale, just "dam" history, but he’s happy. I stay busy with the boys, manage the joint, and entertain side jobs (transcription, indexing). We’re really looking forward to new adventures here, especially in the outdoors! Quick updates on our families: Jed’s mom and stepdad Ed have been gallivanting across the world as part-time Church-service missionaries, helping needy people get wheelchairs, teaching administrative skills, etc. They have been to Burma and South Africa and will go to Vietnam later this year. Both of Jed’s brothers recently moved back east. Spence finished his medical residency and is now doing his stint with the military—working with the Navy Seals guys—and Will got a job as a pilot. Will and Emily had a daughter, Audrey, born 3 days after Lincoln. My parents were called to the Singapore mission in December and are currently serving in West Malaysia. Three of my siblings also had babies last year: Kim had Blake in February, Aaron had Kennedy in April (4 days before Lincoln), and Michelle had Avery in July. Lisa is also expecting next May. So cousins are in no short supply for the kids! Please email me if you need our updated information.