So our family has embarked on a new project.  Check it out!  If you live near us, we hope you will join us on our new adventure! 


crib-slat kisses

One of my favorite bedtime rituals with little Link is our crib-slat kisses: he reaches his puckered lips through each successive slat and plants smooches on me as we move along the length of the crib.  I also have my own ritual of checking on the boys right before I retire to smooth their blankets and whisper my love to them.  Last night I was surprised that the little bug was still awake--though droopy-eyed he smiled sweetly at me.  Neither of us made a sound, but for at least 10 minutes we simply gazed at each other through the crib slats, at times bending forward for a few well-placed kisses.  At last I sang to him about angels watching over his crib and whispered goodnight, uttering a prayer of thanks to God for my own little angels.