when life hands you lemons. . .

random races and rides

The whole family (minus Link) has enjoyed racing and riding this summer.
In June my sisters Lisa and Michelle and I rode a 62-mile women's bike ride (The Little Red Riding Hood) in Logan, Utah. We had a blast!
In June Jed ran a half marathon in Frisco, Colorado--taking fourth place overall and first in his age division. In May, Jed's work sponsored a 5k for adults and 1K for kids for all Denver area federal employees and their families. Isaac did great for his first-ever race! And Jed won the 5K, with a time of 17:38.

granby 4th of july

Our friends Alicia and Josh Skelton invited us to the beautiful and quaint mountain town of Granby, Colorado, for the 4th weekend. (Link with their cute son, Levi)
It was Lincoln's first time riding on a boat, and he loved it!Isaac made new friends with Alicia's nieces. Can you find the silhouette of a famous US president in the mountain?
Hiking near the headwaters of the Colorado River.


co plateau trip

I'm finally getting around to updating my shamefully overdue blog (for my own posterity's sake :). Starting with our research/pleasure trip (way back in April) around and across and through the Colorado Plateau.

Link cuddles a birthday monkey from Aunt Sherrie. Jed scopes out U-95 along Comb Ridge near Blanding. They blasted out a heck of a lot of rock for that road. . . We met up for fun times with my fam in Moab. Hanging with Aaron, Kennedy, and Madelyn Then we hooked up with Jed's fam in St. George. Link and Bek at Zion I love the name of this at Zion: "The Great White Throne" Ellie, Oma, and Ikey near the Weeping Rock at Zion Link with Unca Spence at the Snow Canyon Sand Dunes Rogers rogues at some favorite stomping grounds: Snow Canyon (Petrified Sand Dunes)Gorgeous orchards in Capital Reef Quaint Hanksville Tabernacle Spence and Juliet (and bun in oven) at Zion Hiking near Blanding, Utah Isaac and Lincoln with cousins Carlie and Anna at Moab Cousins down the line from top to bottom: Carlie, Isaac, Maddie, Suzy, Brandon, Anna, Blake, Lincoln, Avery (with) Anika in a chokehold. :) Picnic at Comb Ridge overlook Four Corners Petrified Sand Dunes Ike with buddy Ellie

belated b-day

Tsk tsk. . . I should at least post some pics of Lincoln's birthday! He turned two during our Colorado plateau trip in April. He greatly enjoyed cake in St. George (can you tell?)
(And we had more cake for me and Link at home) And I thought this was a funny pic I took of him on his actual birthday. We spent most of the day driving through the Navajo reservation, and he was such a good sport.

lincoln lark

Singing about himself (Ee ee) with monkeys (uh oh), giraffes (foe), and lions (nanny).