hubby tag

It's not like me to do these things, but I figured I'd make an exception, just this once, since my sisters pestered me. :) 1. Where did you meet? Cookie cutter story. . . both lived in the University Villa while attending BYU. . . interestingly, Jed's sister also met her husband there 2. How long have you been married? Going on 7 years 3. What does he do that surprises you? Souper Salad. And insists on watching the kids so I can have some alone time 4. What is your favorite feature about him? The adorable muscle by his ribs (and possibly his bluer-than-sky-blue eyes) 5. What's your favorite quality about him? He treats people equally--equal to each other and to himself. He has a keen ability to see the humanity, vulnerability, and genuineness in others. 6. Does he have a nickname for you? Buddy 7. What's his favorite color? Light tan (and his favorite animal is puppies) 8. What's his favorite food? Rhubarb pie, veggies, and Red Vines 9. What is his favorite sport? B-ball, cycling, tennis, cross-country skiing, running 10. Who said I love you first? hmmmmmmmmm (him) 11. When and where was your first kiss? Two weeks after meeting, on an unchaperoned excursion at his family's condo at Bear Lake (rebels :) 12. What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Wrangle over the last popcorn kernel (he always lets me have it), hike with our boys, bike, discuss issues that matter to us, camp, wrestle/snuggle 13. Do you have any kids? Check out our site 14. What's a hidden talent that he has? Sweet guitar skills, even sweeter falsetto, and an uncanny wit 15. How old is he? Almost rounding the corner of his third decade 16. What's his favorite type of music? Beatles, Paul Simon (and sometimes Garfunkel), Gordon Lightfoot 17. What do you admire most about him? How simultaneously strong and gentle he is. Plus, how he is with our boys. Plus, how he let’s me chop my hair 18. What is his favorite past time? History, ascending mountains, and doing anything that will make him stronger





jed's mountain run

Last weekend we drove to Ouray, Colorado, for the Imogene Pass Run. Our friend Jeff Roberts invited Jed to run with him, and we camped with Jeff and his wife Naomi and family. Ouray is called the Switzerland of America, and for good reason. It is a gorgeous town nestled in sweeping mountain cliffs on all sides. The race was 17 miles and started in Ouray at 7,700 feet, went over Imogene Pass at 13,100 feet, and then descended into Telluride, Colorado. Jed did great--his time was 2:50:18, he placed 24th overall, and he was 5th in his age division.


silouette pic

A lot of people have asked. . . so I just wanted to explain the silouette picture on the top of our blog. When we were hiking in Canyonlands National Park during our Moab trip, I was waiting along a ridge for Jed to catch up, and as I looked over I discovered our cool shadows. When Jed arrived he snapped a quick pic of it. No special effects or anything. . . just us and nature.


newest home additions

Can you believe someone gave us this incredible play yard? It's true! Our generous neighbor, Rick, is "buddies" with Isaac--the two are often found hobnobbing around Rick's yard, picking raspberries, inspecting plums, or chatting. Rick's own daughter had outgrown this and so he offered it to us for free--to his little buddy--if we could just find help to haul it over the fence (I knew there was a good use for the four elders in our ward! j/k). The boys LOVE it! Isaac has dubbed it his "tree house." Another generous family, the Quigleys, gave us these two beautiful little couches for our living room. I love them! The one opens as a chest--it's like the cedar chest I never had (though not made of cedar :). We finally had a last reason to banish the TV to the basement, where it will permanently reside (hopefully).

dirty little faces

Licking off beaters. . . a favorite pasttime for our little boys

One time Lincoln was being awfully quiet. . . Upon investigation I discovered he had climbed up on a kitchen table chair and was meticulously licking up the remains of my Asian-sesame dressing with the utmost relish!

link's little horsie ride

At certain moments, having kids makes me long to be a kid again.

david and wendy's visit

So it's been about two years since I've seen my brother David and his family, and we were lucky to have them stop by to visit us on their way out to Utah this summer. They drove from Pennsylvania to Utah and back with six kids in tow! They have such a beautiful family. All six of their kids are kind, well-behaved, sweet, and fun! The boys played so well with mine and enjoyed a sleepover in the basement while the girls and I made necklaces. We love you, David, Wendy, Macy, Mead, Cole, Clay, Ella, and Lily!

more fun in utah

We're obviously having WAY too much fun in Utah this summer! We enjoyed our Hansen Family reunion in Midway and extended the visit a few days to visit family. Never can have too much time with cousins!

like daddy like link

So Isaac's not the only one who wants to follow in Daddy's footsteps (see two blogs down).