utah vacation

We had a fantastic trip to Utah! First and foremost, we met our newest niece/cousin, Anika and enjoyed our time spent with Lisa and family.

We had a blast going to parks and we watched Suzy while Lisa and baby bonded. We also had fun with Aunt Shella and Avery!
Thanks to Kimmie and Kristen for letting us crash at their homes. Isaac and Brandon were nearly inseparable. We had a great time at the zoo! The kids had their faces painted (Isaac was a rhino, Brandon a spider, and Suzy a butterfly), Lincoln was mesmerized by a bald eagle, and I almost got eaten by a lion!
Lincoln and Avery are little pals! They shared a swing and held hands (on their own!) in their car seats. In the last two pics you can see Avery even tackling Lincoln!
We had a wonderful time with family and friends. I reunited with some high school buddies, Renee, Cassie, and Leanne. They are beautiful and their kids so cute!
On our way home we visited the new Dinosaur museum in Vernal. It was awesome!