best brothers

While on vacation, the boys were stoked to sleep in the same bed.  I thought maybe they were just snuggling when we put them down. . . 
but when I came back I found them like this.  :)  


Jed was headed to Florida at the end of February for a conference, so the boys and tagged along and stayed with Jed's Aunt Eileen and family.  We had a blast!
Jungle Adventures Alligator park And me holding a baby alligator!  Pretty cool feeling. Here I am with a snake. . . And I conquered my biggest fear--a tarantula!   Imax theater at Kennedy Space Station Hiking in the gorgeous jungle/forests of Florida Kennedy Space Center Boys posing with Eileen, Stan, Molly and Doogie (the family dogs) Link with Aunt Eileen--his first time at the beach More hiking adventures Can you find the turtle in the picture? That bear backpack is practically attached to Lincoln. . . he never wants to part with it! Can you find the squirrel in the picture? Thanks Stan and Eileen for a wonderful time!