silly boys

Just wanted to post a few shots of my silly/sweet/funny/happy little boys. They really are happy little bugs. Link insists on dressing himself lately and says he is "a li'l uh-oh" (monkey). Most of the time he gets it close enough, despite backwards/inside-out The merging of two obsessions: legos and animals (oh, and R2D2 thrown in for good measure . . .can you tell which one?). Built all by himself! Building forts, whispering secrets All bundled up, ready for the cold! At the Missoula Symphony family concert with friends (the boys dig the masks) Sledding/chilling/hiking at Pattee Canyon (thanks Aunt Bek for the groovy scarves!)


photo update

With the move, I never got around to posting some pictures from December. For posterity!
We had a 70th birthday celebration for my Dad Boys with Avery all bundled up for Temple Square lights Lincoln got a wee chilled when we went sledding for Ikey's birthday. Thanks, Aunt Lisa, for the coat! Sledding with Suz on Isaac's birthday Big 6-year-old boy (In case you can't tell, the cake was an open book) Christmas morning. . . waiting for the floodgates to open! Yeah! Animals! Goose, crab, doggies, ostrich, manatee (not enough arm space for them all) Little cutie cousin, Evie And light sabers! It was a Star Wars Christmas. Santa included a note: "These light sabers are not for harming others. . . only for combatting sadness or hard feelings." Homemade giraffe and zebra--Link's two favorite animals (made with love by Mommy and Isaac) Hansen family nativity. Blake: shepherd, Avery: Mary, Lincoln: Joseph, Maddie and Isaac: Wisemen Joseph decided he wanted to ride the donkey (Brit) to Bethlehem, too! Hansen cousins