rogers potter

Our last hike of fall mysteriously morphed into a full-fledged Rogers Potter adventure!
(Love this wand shot purely for the motion) Ron and Harry, in the Chamber of Forest Secrets, contemplate their next move Dumble-Dad and Harry decode a message Her-Mommy (Hermoine) brandishes her wand to ward off an attack from You-Know-Who!

halloween-weekend-a-thon madness

Halloween was just one big, fat party all weekend! First the boys had parties and wore their costumes to school on Friday. . . and that night we had a party at our house . . .
Isaac is Kurt from The Sound of Music and Link was a turtle (even though Isaac's pal Clara was a cowgirl for Halloween, for our party on Friday night she dressed like Brigitta from The Sound of Music to partner up with Isaac! :) The kids had a ball wrapping up their parents as Mummies! Here is Mummified Mary wrapped up by Clara and Link. Rick was bound by Ikey and Greyson And poor faceless Aki was blinded by Alex and Grace! I was a kitty (though my tail was misplaced. . .) And the winner for best costume goes to. . . . Yep! You guessed it! We had a surprise appearance by Napoleon Dynamite! (as much as Jed does look like Napoleon, his impersonations are even better!) When Lincoln announced earlier in the month that he wanted to be a turtle, I was ecstatic that he could wear an old frog costume I had sewn for Isaac when he was that age. All I needed was a shell. Thanks to the local Goodwill store, I found a pet bed with a perfect turtle design on the back, and after hastily sewing on elastic bands to go around his arms, voila! (I was pretty excited about it, anyway :) . . . Saturday night was another party at Clara's house! And finally trick-or-treating on Halloween! Phew! The boys and their haul . . . this pretty much sums up our crazy, exhausting, spooky, but fun Halloween weekend!

hist whist

Link's posture in the last half says it all about how exhausted we all were by the end of the weekend!

napoleon grooves