bozeman lovin'

How's this for a half-birthday present? Our "Auntie" Caitlin promised Isaac a trip to any Montana dino museum of his choosing! After much see-sawing, he finally settled on the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, a 3-hour drive from Missoula. We had incredible 70-degree weather to cap off an amazing time!
Caitlin with Link and Cheky Lou The boys were just a little bit intimidated of the life-sized dino models! Can you detect a bit of fear in their faces?
This cool bone had T-Rex bite marks in it! In the late 80s this nearly complete T-Rex skeleton was discovered in Montana. The museum also houses the most extensive triceratops collection in the world! What would a fun trip with Auntie "Taitlin" (as Link calls her) be without ice cream? We camped near a gorgeous river and capped off the night with some fine soaking at Norris Hot Springs complete with a live musician. We took the long route home through Ennis and Virginia City and enjoyed the sites there. Thanks for a fantastic time, Caitlin!!!


farewell, summer

Ah, summer. Tis always sad to see you fade into Fall. Some highlights from our summer:
Link riding his new bike Playing with Andi and Henry at the Bob Dylan concert! Link and his pal, Mr. Fuzzy Bunz Simple pleasures Scary wolf and lion! . . . don't ask! . . . Hiking in Blodgett Canyon Welcome, Autumn!

coeur d'alene

For a little Labor Day vacay, we headed west for 2.5 hours and hit up Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The lake there is so gorgeous!
Found a few amazing hikes
Jed telling the boys the legend of Bigfoot in our tent Meese art (dedicated to Madison :) More meese art!


Link started preschool!