3 awesome visits in 30 days

We were SO lucky to have 3 visits from loved ones within 30 days.  In early January our pal Natalie Taysom from AZ visited us for a week, a few days later my sister Lisa and her girls Suzy and Anika came for an extended weekend, and then in early February Jed's parents came to play.  We had the best time with all of them!  There's so much to do here in Denver. (hint hint: come and see us!)
We did lots of hiking.  One of our favorites: Green Mountain. Ed and I took the boys up to Lookout Mountain for some hiking and to visit the Lookout Mountain Nature Center and Buffalo Bill's grave. With took two trips to the Butterfly Pavilion with Jed's parents and Lisa.  The kids (and Ed) loved it! Lincoln checking out a nearby butterfly. Right when I was taking a photo, a butterfly landed on my lens! We love the Denver Children's Museum.  It's the best I've ever visited. Hiking near Red Rocks ampitheater with Lisa and girls. Being from AZ, Natalie is not used to snow.  We had a nice snowstorm and I think she enjoyed it more than the boys! Lincoln was bundled up like Ralphie, and he was not too happy. The Denver Zoo with Nat.
Ahh.... the simple joys of making a snow angel, especially for an adult who's never played in snow!


little goose

is ups hiring?

So when we were visiting the Lookout Mountain Nature center, while enjoying lunch outside with friends, a UPS truck pulled up to the curb.  Before I knew it, I looked over at my toddler climbing inside the cab, so proud of himself!