a visit from britt

Wow! FOUR--yes, count them--4 weekends in a row we had out-of-town guests. FUN! We loved every minute of every visit. The last visitor to crash our place was my awesome niece Brittany and her friend, Liz, who came just for the Brandi Carlile concert. We had an amazing time!The highlight was, you guessed it, the Brandi concert in the historic Wilma theater. It was a gorgeous evening and an incredible concert!

Brittany and Liz were so sweet to play with the boys (I think Link even developed a mini crush on Liz. . . early one morning I overheard him, still laying in bed, whisper to himself, "I love Liz." :) Thanks for coming and the great time, girls!


a visit from lisa

Wow! 3 weekends in a row we had family in town! This time Lisa, Suz, and Ani braved the 536-mile drive (Lisa alone!) to see us. We had a ball!
Kids lined up on our hike in Pattee Canyon
Playing at Bonner park Ani and Link getting into Lisa's lip gloss! (We also went tubing, as you can see :) Lots of bike rides! Dragon Park, revisited What would a trip to Missoula be without a ride on the Carousel? We were nearly rained out at the Celtic Festival, but we managed to stay long enough for Young Dubliners live (and loud!) performance! Picnic dinner at Caras Park, Clark Fork River in background Link and Ani LOVED the Celtic music and danced their hearts out--but Suzy, who is scared of loud noise--cried and covered her ears! *sisters* But we couldn't outrun the storm forever. . .on our bike ride home, we were caught in a drenching deluge! I was proud of Isaac, though, for making it without complaining!
We also took a trip to Splash Montana for an afternoon, which was really fun! Thanks for the amazing time, guys!!!


a visit from oma and bek

The very next weekend after Michelle and Nate visited we were spoiled to have a visit from Jed's mom and sister, Rebekah, and her family. We had a marvelous time! The kids love playing with their cousins and amazing Oma!
The kids riding the Missoula carousel with Oma Ike and Henry play along the riverbed Ellie and Ike It was a Star-Wars-filled weekend! We even made our own movie. And for his half birthday, Ikey got an erector set from Oma! Ellie, Madison, Henry (refusing to look at the camera), and Bekah Enjoying one of summer's favorite past times! Watermelon: YUM! Those Rogers and their gorgeous sky-blue eyes! Cutie cousins--Ellie, Henry, Isaac, and Link On our hike up to the "L." Oma had the utmost patience to stay close to Link. But all the kids made it! Gorgeous pictures courtesy of Bek Floating the Bitterroot River with Bek Enjoying our black cherry sodas! ;) Bikes! Thanks for the amazing time you guys! We love you.