bear lake highlights

Our annual trip to Bear Lake with Jed's family was yet-again successful (yet can't quite top the year of our first kiss . . . :). memories to take from this year: -A lot of kayaking -Sailing on the hobie cat (but grateful we weren't with Madison--who got his expedition lost!) -Jed and Spence biking around the lake -Jed's mom Kristen and I biking around the next day, just to show them up -Grandma's helicopter and grenade impersonations -A miracle in Wyoming where an angel's hands were on mine on the wheel -Blue blue blue pristine lake and sky. To us, BL seems like one of the few places left on earth that remains untouched. May it always be.


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Moab trip

I guess it's about time I get off my duff and get updating my blog! There is just so much to report of our busy summer. I'll start by posting a few pics of our trip to Moab, Utah, in the beginning of July. We were there a whole week while Jed did some research for his dissertation. There is SO much to do there! Jed at Corona Arch Isaac at Bowtie Arch Ed and Link at Corona Arch Isaac at Morning Glory Bridge (Negro Bill Canyon)

Our fam at my new favorite arch--Sand Dune Arch Jed relaxin' at Sand Dune Arch We stayed with our friend Lola DeLong The boys with Ed's girls Elisa and Marta