bun nut

For some reason--don't ask me why--Isaac recently started calling Lincoln "Bun Nut." At first I didn't really like it, but Isaac says it with such love toward his little brother. Now it's pretty endearing, and I've even caught myself calling him that!


political compass

Okay, so Jed and I discovered a fascinating website called http://www.politicalcompass.org/ where you can take a test to identify your political beliefs--and it isn't just the traditional left/right. Then you can compare your results with popular world leaders. Take it and let me in on your results!

june fun

I wanted to highlight some fun events from June. We attended a fantastically fun birthday party for Hailey and Ashley Jensen (Hailey pictured) at Monkey Bizness, an indoor bouncy gym. (Isn't her princess cake awesome?) With our Mom's group we went to Denver's Museum of Nature and Science where they had the coolest stuffed (taxidermy?) animals (what do you call those, anyway?). Ike with wolverines (for you, Grandma Smith! :) Isaac and Makadie with two big moose! Isaac had been searching all over for the coyote, and at last we found one! Little llamas for the kids to ride.