holiday highlights

I thought a nice photo montage could sum up our holiday:
Isaac helped Lincoln and his preschool class sing Rudolph at the Missoula Carousel. And a visit from Santa! We got some amazing gifts from our amazing friends! Thanks, Caitlin and Kath! Link loves his little art set and Ike loves his Harry Potter set. :)
Reading a letter from our very own elf, Nutmeg Jim Christmas Eve is always magical! Isaac got to play the Grinch A gift opened that night: Bob Bear and Bear Burt from Grammy and Grampy Great. Santa came! I made the boys Harry Potter cloaks, scarves, and wands. Here they are casting spells! Hope you all had a merry Christmas and have a happy and healthy New Year!

happy 7

We love you so much, big 7-year-old boy.
Snuggin and watching a movie Sharing cupcakes with his class . . . and he gets the first bite!

school solo

not a charlie brown tree this year

One of our most favorite yearly traditions is to hunt for our very own Christmas tree. In past Decembers we have had to choose from a selection of Charlie-Brownesque trees, although we never minded. However, this year--our first foray into Montana woods--we were awed by the selection of picture-perfect trees! It wasn't hard to find one, although of course we still dragged it out for suspense-building earning points (not to mention to burn a few after-Thanksgiving calories ;).
We enjoyed some hot chocolate--still hot--before heading out Num! We found our tree! At Missoula's tree-lighting parade later that night Link was fascinated by the tree! He had quite an eye for ornament placement and kept moving them around until he deemed it perfect (and I didn't even have to reshuffle any when he was done :).

happy thanksgiving birthday

Thanksgiving this year happened to fall on Jed's birthday! (no, not the other way around :). And we were pleased as punch to be joined by Lisa/Jer/Suz/Ani and our Auntie Caitlin. I think Jed is pretty used to having pie in lieu of b-day cake. But heck, why not?
We loved the snow! Made for fun sledding outings and x-skiing in the streets. Gotta bundle 'em up! Birthday pie! Besides, who else gets to choose from four tasty treats on their special day? Cutie girls Cookin' together in the kitchen was the funnest part! And the kids treated us to a special concert. Thanks for coming to be with us, Lisa and fam! We love and miss you guys!