my birthday

My birthday this year was made so special by my Boys! Jed made me quiche in the morning and took work off early for us to hike along Dinosaur Ridge. Partway up the trail Isaac complained of a tummyache, but we brushed the comment aside since he often complains of imaginary ailments. After the picturesque hike--on a ridge that straddles the edge of Denver with awesome views from both sides--the boys took me to what they thought was a Korean restaurant. It turned out to be Vietnamese, but we opted to dine there anyway in honor of Kristen who will be visiting there this summer. Moments after we bit into our dinner, Isaac upchucked all over the place! He was serious about that tummyache after all. The remainder of the evening was spent at home, kids in bed, relaxing together over oriental take-out. :) Thanks to the Boys for the camping gear, Mom for the necklace from Malaysia, Shell for the beautiful skirt, Lisa for the exercise clothes, Sher for the CDs and lipgloss, Jed and Kristen for a surprise to come, and everyone else for cards and calls. It was nice to be remembered!