52 hikes OR bikes (amended)

Okay, so we're going to make a small amendment to the 52-hike goal, especially now that Jed and I are rediscovering the joys of road biking! We decided we will also include bike rides in our log if the rides are long and/or laborious and/or out in nature (i.e. mountains). On Saturday we took turns riding up (for me, laboring up) Lookout Mountain, a fairly precipitous and winding road that takes you to the top of a peak where Buffalo Bill himself is buried. Thanks to Jer for assembling Jed's sleek and amazingly zippy bike--I rode it too (with seat lowered) since mine had a flat. Jed made it to the top twice and I only 2/3 the way--but I plan on making it all the way next time. The view--encompassing much of the Denver-metro-area--was indelible, the ride demanding, gruelling, yet exhilarting!