my pixie 'do

This post is painfully overdue but is mostly for my sisters and friends who haven't seen my now-not-so-new-anymore haircut. And a confession accompanies it: THIS is at last the hairdo I have been coveting for myself! It took me over a year to get the guts to go this short, but now that it's here I love it! (Though you might not like it, I do, so there.) And I'm verily afraid I'll never go back to long and laborious locks ever again. Do you think it makes me look like a boy? No matter, I think I have moved beyond using hair as a security blanket and have at last found a hairstyle that feels like me. Less-than-a-minute to style yet still styled, it's perfect for my low maintenance ways. Somehow, though, I can't forget Evelyn Young, who years ago warned me never to shear my locks. I'm sorry, Evelyn, but not really!