52 hikes

We have a goal this year--it may be a tad unrealistic--but we hope to go on at least 52 hikes or long outdoor walks (average one hike a week). It shouldn't be too hard to hike during the warm weather, but what about 1/4 of the year, there in Denver, when it's snowy and cold?--you may ask. We often think of Jed's dad, Randy, and his love for this beautiful earth--even the aspects of nature that others may consider less-than-ideal. When the family lived in Park City, Utah, he was walking outside during a nasty blizzard one day. His friend stopped to offer him a ride. Randy politely declined, revealing that he was actually out enjoying the beautiful weather. We have taken this to heart as a little family and have tried to get outside, even when the weather is extreme. Though we get some interesting stares from onlookers, we have had some exhilarating times! And you know, if nothing else it is toughening us up and teaching our kids to not always crave comforts. Mostly we have sought to discern beauty where others may easily overlook it. Why should only verdant, lush landscapes and soft, blooming petals get all the praise? There truly is beauty in ALL of God's creations, not excluding brown, dry, prickly, barren, and yes, even (though it takes extra effort for me to write this) cold. And it is always there for the discovery--if we will only open our eyes to see, ears to listen, hands to touch, feet to trod.