the FedEx Man!

Move over Superman, Spider-Man, and even the cutie new Christian-Bale-Batman: a new superhero is here, and he is living in my house! It is the FedEx Man! That is Ike's new self-proclaimed identity, anyway. If I say, "Isaac, come here," he quickly fires back, "No, I'm not Isaac, I'm the FedEx Man!" The FedEx Man surreptitiously fills used postal packages with little treasures: hand-written notes, artwork, or favorite books, then he places the packages in nooks and crannies around the house for Mom or Dad. This ritual goes on at least a bajillion times a day, and the obsession extends to the mail. He'll wait in anticipation all day--peering out the window from time to time--and is ecstatic when anything arrives. The FedEx man also enjoys planning and creating cards and packages for friends and family (except as those require ACTUAL postage, there are understandably fewer :). Sometimes it can be tiring feigning elation when the FedEx man brings YET another package, but then I stop and remind myself what it manifests about the good-hearted nature of my little preschooler: how he's always thinking of others and rejoices in their happiness. I hope he never loses that.