name this scene

You never quite know the impact the movies you watch have on your kids until you see this kind of scene reenacted. Can you guess what movie it's from and the characters they boys are playing???


and he's off!

Once he figured this walking thing out, Lincoln hasn't looked back! He's a bit wobbly--perhaps because of the two fused toes on his right foot--but it hasn't slowed him down much. Occasionally he'll fall flat on his face and wail for my help, but that's what mommy's are for, right?

rogers ride

We have LOVED the nice weather and try to get outside at every opportunity. We got a bike trailer for the boys and it’s been a blast hauling them around in it. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze for them, but the trailer is more streamlined and maneuverable, so it’s worth it (at least for me!). It’s nice that we live within biking distance to most places like the library, stores, Jed’s work, church, and many of our friends and ward members.

isaac's preschool program

We were the token doting parents at Ike's preschool program! He loved his teacher, Miss Patti.

turtle in the mailbox

Ike and Link are starting to play so well together! It's not uncommon for me to hear them busting a gut together in the other room about their crazy antics.


I'm attempting to teach Lincoln baby signs. So far he knows the signs associated with food! Here he is doing "more."