newest family member

Announcing our new pooch, Apollo! Yes, we finally joined the ranks of dog owners. We have been wanting a doggie for a while, and recently Isaac has especially expressed interest in one and has agreed to help care for one. We got the go-ahead from our landlady and found this little guy on Craigslist. His family was moving and wouldn't be able to take him with them.
Apollo is a Pomanauze--a Pomeranian/Schnauzer mix--and full-grown at one year old (9 pounds). He is an ultra-sweet little poochy who loves to traipse and play but is also content to settle down to snug in your lap. He rarely barks and is already house- and kennel-trained. His fur is getting quite long and he's probably due for a trim--but his previous family said they kept it long in the winter to help him stay warm. He is very smart and has already learned how to go to his bed and follow simple commands. We sure love him already! :)