baby "ti-yah"

Lincoln doesn't know that his little cousin Keira is in the hospital today. But we have caught him going around the house with this little dolly, giving her a bottle, cuddling her, wrapping her in a blanket. Sleeping with her. Calling her "Baby Ti-Yah" (Keira).

ike on his bike

Oh, the joys of watching your child ride his bike for the first time.


Isaac diligently practices the piano for about 30 minutes every day. His little brother likes to squeeze right next to him, too, on the piano bench.

i am the lorax, i speak for the trees!

new home

Just thought it'd be fun to post a few pics of our home.
Love the tree fort/slide/swing/sandbox for the boys. And we have two great garden spots. And I adore my cheery green kitchen. It gets so much light in the afternoons.